BioCentury | Jun 27, 2016
Clinical News

ADI-PEG 20: Phase Ib data

...progression-free survival (PFS), overall response rate (ORR), overall survival (OS), safety, ass="highlight-mj">argininosuccinate synthase 1 ( ass="highlight-mj">ASS ; ass="highlight-mj">ASS1...
BioCentury | Jun 8, 2015
Product Development

Out with the old

...that lenalidomide and pembro is a good combo, I'm going to bet that kicks the ass="highlight-mj">ass...
BioCentury | Dec 8, 2014
Company News

Addex, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association deal

ass="field-name-body">The association will evaluate Addex’s ADZ71441 in preclinical models of Charcot-Marie-Tooth 1A (CMT1A) disease. The association will also asses its effect on motor and sensory control defects associated disease progression. The positive allosteric modulator (PAM)...
BioCentury | Apr 28, 2014
Emerging Company Profile

Aeglea: Old enzymes, new tricks

...AERase, degrades arginine. Arginine dependence arises from loss of enzymes like ass="highlight-mj">argininosuccinate synthase 1 ( ass="highlight-mj">ASS ; ass="highlight-mj">ASS1...
BioCentury | Apr 1, 2013
Product Development

(Non)Commentary: Words escape us

ass="field-name-body">BioCentury's offices have a "Wall of Awesome" dedicated to written bloopers our editors have known and loved. Some are discovered in our internal editing process, others come from documents, press releases and emails that are...
BioCentury | Jan 23, 2012
Company News

MolecularHealth sales and marketing update

ass="field-name-body">MolecularHealth launched drug safety assessment and prediction tool Molecular Analysis of Side Effects (MASE). The MASE system combines adverse event information from spontaneous reporting systems with drug activity within a patient to asses a drug's...
BioCentury | Jan 3, 2011
Clinical News

Lorcaserin regulatory update

ass="field-name-body">Arena announced plans to resubmit an NDA for obesity candidate lorcaserin by the end of 2011 after meeting with FDA to discuss issues outlined in an October complete response letter, including mammary tumors and brain...
BioCentury | Dec 23, 2010
Company News

Arena slips on lorcaserin update

ass="field-name-body">Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:ARNA) fell $0.24 (12%) to $1.80 on Wednesday after announcing plans to resubmit an NDA for obesity candidate lorcaserin by the end of 2011. Arena made the announcement after meeting with FDA...
BioCentury | Feb 1, 2010

Begging questions about REMS

ass="field-name-body">FDA's draft guidance on the content of REMS submissions raises almost as many questions as it answers, including how drug makers are supposed to monitor third parties - over which they have no authority - without violating...
BioCentury | Dec 21, 2009
Company News

Merck KGaA, Brigham and Women's Hospital deal

ass="field-name-body">Merck's EMD Serono Inc. affiliate and the hospital partnered to discover treatments for multiple sclerosis. Over the five-year deal the parties plan to: identify disease characteristics, treatment responses, disease-modifying factors, MS-related biomarkers and targets on...
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