BioCentury | Oct 2, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

Blocking a lipid hydrolase for liver fibrosis

...hepatic hydroxyproline and collagen proportional area, as well as ACTA2 protein levels.TARGET/MARKER/PATHWAY: N-acylsphingosine amidohydrolase 1 (ASAH1); actin...
BioCentury | Apr 1, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

Targeting the NCK1-WIPF1 interaction for enteropathogenic E. coli infection

...step of infection involves binding of the SH3.2 domain of NCK1 to WIPF1 to facilitate actin...
BioCentury | Apr 1, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

FLNA identified as a target for epilepsy associated with focal cortical dysplasia type II

...DISEASE CATEGORY: Neurology INDICATION: Epilepsy Inhibiting the actin-binding protein FLNA could prevent or treat epilepsy associated...
BioCentury | Jan 31, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

FERMT2 identified as target in renal fibrosis

...also reduced renal collagen deposition in the mice. TARGET/MARKER/PATHWAY: Fermitin family member 2 (FERMT2; KIND2); actin...
BioCentury | Jan 24, 2020
Preclinical News

Jan. 23 Preclinical Quick Takes: Metastasis-associated cancer-associated fibroblast populations; plus NIH-TeneoBio and Basilea

...Targets: 4-1BB (TNFRSF9; CD137) - Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 9; ACTA2 (α-SMA) - Actin...
BioCentury | Nov 12, 2019
Clinical News

Safety concerns overshadow efficacy highlights in MyoKardia’s cardiomyopathy data HCM when genetic defects cause too many myosin motors to bind and pull on actin...
BioCentury | Sep 20, 2019
Emerging Company Profile

Divide & Conquer: short-circuiting tumor lines of communication

Divide & Conquer aims to capitalize on new tumor biology that would prevent cancer cells from sharing resistance mechanisms and resensitize the tumor to chemo- and radiotherapy. Medicxi’s David Grainger founded the company in 2018...
BioCentury | Jun 29, 2019

All eyes on new modality launches, cancer and rare disease data in 3Q19

While the typical summer lull means fewer catalysts in the third quarter, investors will be keeping a close eye on launches of new modality drugs. Of special interest to multiple buysiders is the launch of...
BioCentury | Jun 27, 2019
Distillery Therapeutics

Chemically induced knockdown of SMARCA2/4 to treat AML

...actin dependent regulator of chromatin subfamily a member 2 (SMARCA2; BRM); SWI/SNF related matrix associated actin...
...associated actin dependent regulator of chromatin subfamily a member 2 (SMARCA2) (BRM) SWI/SNF related matrix associated actin...
BioCentury | Jun 1, 2019
Product Development

ASCO 2019 abstracts show solid tumor race heating up among bispecifics and CAR Ts

...cancer (NSCLC) samples, but not small cell lung cancer (SCLC) R.G.C.C. International GmbH e14656 Capping actin...
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