BioCentury | Jun 6, 2020
Product Development

June 5 Quick Takes: Merck, Tetraphase-Melinta, Apeiron, Neurasic, Jounce, Genmab-J&J

UCB buying Engage for $125M UCB S.A. (Euronext:UCB) acquired Engage Therapeutics Inc. Friday, gaining Staccato alprazolam, a drug-inhaler combo in Phase II testing for the rapid termination of epileptic seizures. Engage will receive $125 million...
BioCentury | Feb 25, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

Inhibiting necroptosis to treat ischemic stroke

DISEASE CATEGORY: Neurology INDICATION: Stroke Preventing neuronal necroptosis by disrupting the interaction between ASIC1A, an acid-sensing ion channel, RIPK1 and NSF could treat ischemic stroke. During acidosis, the interaction between ASIC1A’s C- and N-termini is...
BioCentury | Mar 28, 2017
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Stroke In vitro and mouse studies identified a spider venom-derived peptide inhibitor of ASIC1A that could help treat stroke. In in vitro activity assays, a peptide (Hi1a) from the venom of the Hadronyche infensa...
BioCentury | Nov 4, 2013
Company News

Oxford Nanopore diagnostic news

Oxford announced it is opening registration for its MinION Access Programme (MAP) in late November. Selected participants will receive a complete MinION system, which consists of the molecule-sensing device, flowcells and software tools. Participants will...
BioCentury | Aug 8, 2013
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Neurology

Indication Target/marker/pathway Summary Licensing status Publication and contact information Neurology Pain Acid-sensing ion channel-3 (ASIC3; ACCN3) In vitro and mouse studies suggest a peptide inhibitor of ASIC3 could help treat inflammatory and acid-induced pain. Electrophysiological...
BioCentury | Dec 24, 2012
Emerging Company Profile

Aros: Easing IBS pain

Aros Pharma ApS has found a new way to treat pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome. The company is developing an ASIC1A antagonist that specifically reduces gastrointestinal pain and could be an effective adjunct therapy...
BioCentury | Dec 6, 2012
Cover Story

A current affair in MS

A European team has used the diabetes drug glibenclamide to block inflammation-induced neurodegeneration in mice. 1 The team plans to test the nonspecific inhibitor of the cationic channel TRPM4 in an investigator-led clinical trial in...
BioCentury | Oct 18, 2012
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Neurology

...ASIC1); ASIC2 Cell culture and mouse studies suggest snake venom-derived peptides that antagonize ASIC1 and ASIC2...
...cell culture, mambalgins, a class of peptides isolated from black mamba venom, inhibited ASIC1 and ASIC2...
BioCentury | Oct 18, 2012
Targets & Mechanisms

Black mamba takes away pain

...In frog eggs transfected with rat homologs of acid-sensing ion channel-1 ( Asic1 ) and Asic2... purified the mambalgin peptides from the venom and showed that they inhibited Asic1 and Asic2...
...decreased sensitivity to inflammatory pain as potently as injections of morphine. Lingueglia suspects ASIC1 and ASIC2...
BioCentury | Aug 16, 2012
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Dermatology

Indication Target/marker/pathway Summary Licensing status Publication and contact information Dermatology Dermal ulcers Acid-sensing ion channel-3 (ASIC3; ACCN3) Rodent studies suggest increasing ASIC3 channel activity could help prevent dermal ulcers. An impaired pressure-induced vasodilation response is...
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