BioCentury | May 13, 2020
Product Development

Arvinas unveils first efficacy signal for targeted protein degradation, points to opportunity in resistant cancers

Arvinas’ top-line ASCO data provides the first evidence that targeted protein degraders can benefit patients, in particular those whose tumors have become resistant to standard therapies. Founded by targeted degradation pioneer Craig Crews in 2013,...
BioCentury | Feb 11, 2020
Product Development

Exelixis eyeing 2021 combo submission in prostate cancer following new readout

Exelixis believes newly released initial data from a Phase Ib trial cohort to treat prostate cancer could augur future results from the same twice-expanded cohort that could support a regulatory submission of cabozantinib plus Tecentriq...
BioCentury | Jan 25, 2020
Product Development

Radiotherapy blasts forward

High-wattage takeouts and commercial launches have revived interest in radiopharmaceuticals for cancer. The challenge for the new wave of candidates is to achieve enough differentiation to justify the logistical hurdles of manufacturing and delivering products...
BC Extra | Dec 31, 2019
Politics & Policy

China’s expanded list of drugs for centralized procurement comes with new rules

Following the nationwide expansion of China’s pilot program for centralized procurement of generics and off-patent originator drugs, Beijing is adding a second group of 33 drugs and unveiling new rules that could increase the number...
BC Extra | Sep 30, 2019
Clinical News

Dual ESMO readouts could expand Lynparza's reach to new patients

In a pair of wins for Lynparza, new data presented at ESMO showed the PARP inhibitor led to survival benefits in both a biomarker-selected group of prostate cancer patients and a combination with Avastin to...
BC Extra | Aug 7, 2019
Clinical News

Aug. 7 Clinical Quick Takes: Waylivra cuts triglycerides in Phase III; plus Lynparza, Moderna, Athenex and Opthea

Waylivra hits Phase II/III endpoint in FPL  Akcea Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:AKCA) and Ionis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:IONS) said Waylivra volanesorsen cut serum triglyceride levels by 88% vs. 22% for placebo (p<0.001) in patients with familial partial...
BC Innovations | May 20, 2019
Distillery Techniques

RB1 alterations predict survival in mCRPC patients treated with Zytiga or Xtandi

TECHNIQUES CATEGORY: Biomarkers TECHNOLOGY: Gene profiling Alterations in RB1 could help predict survival in mCRPC patients treated with Zytiga or Xtandi. In 429 patients with mCRPC, analysis of whole-exome sequencing, gene expression, histopathology, survival and...
BioCentury | Mar 16, 2019
Politics, Policy & Law

Spreading the costs and pain in Part D

The Trump administration’s proposed changes to Medicare Part D would shift costs from the federal government to patients, manufacturers and insurers, all of which are sure to lobby against it and derail it in Congress....
BioCentury | Mar 1, 2019
Product Development

Prostate cancer disrupted

Two imminent disruptions threaten to upend the treatment landscape for prostate cancer, changing who gets anti-androgen therapies and ushering in the first new MOAs in decades. The launch of generic abiraterone means next generation anti-androgens...
BC Innovations | Feb 6, 2019
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Prostate cancer In vitro and mouse studies identified a chromenecarbaldehyde-based IRE1 inhibitor that could help treat prostate cancer. Optimization and in vitro binding assays of a family of tool compound IRE1 inhibitors yielded a...
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