BioCentury | Sep 26, 2018
Clinical News

Aldeyra planning Phase III program for dry eye disease therapy year, and from the uveitis and SLS programs next year. Jaime De Leon ADX-102 dermatologic, reproxalap (topical adx-102, topical ns2) ADX-102...
BioCentury | Jan 6, 2018

Burgeoning bellwethers

...migraine Top-line Ph III PROMISE 2 data; submit BLA 1H18; 2H18 Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:ALDX) ADX-102 dermatologic...
BioCentury | Sep 14, 2017
Financial News

Aldeyra stock surge continues

...eye drop formulation of a small molecule that covalently binds and traps free aldehydes. Elizabeth S. Eaton ADX-102 dermatologic Restasis Xiidra Aldeyra...
BioCentury | Jun 23, 2017
Clinical News

Aldeyra planning Phase III trial of ADX-102 despite Phase IIb miss in allergic conjunctivitis

...ocular redness, tearing of the eyes and eyelid swelling Status: Phase IIb data Milestone: NA Chris Lieu topical ADX-102 Aldeyra...
BioCentury | May 3, 2017
Clinical News

Aldeyra starts Ph III of ADX-102 for non-infectious anterior uveitis

...anterior uveitis Endpoint: Resolution of inflammation Status: Phase III started Milestone: Phase III data (2H18) Julian Zhu topical ADX-102 Aldeyra...
BioCentury | Aug 15, 2016
Clinical News

Topical NS2: Phase II data

...trial in 12 Sjogren-Larsson syndrome patients with moderate to severe ichthyosis showed that once-daily 1% topical NS2...
...patients, but not in vehicle-treated patients (p<0.004). Furthermore, NS2 significantly reduced cholesterol vs. vehicle (p<0.001). Topical NS2...
...well tolerated with no serious adverse events reported. Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:ALDX), Burlington, Mass. Product: Topical NS2...
BioCentury | Apr 13, 2015
Clinical News

Topical NS2: Phase II started

...once-daily topical NS2 1% in about 12 patients. Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc . (NASDAQ:ALDX), Burlington, Mass. Product: Topical NS2...
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