BioCentury | May 15, 2006

Late entry

...$175.3 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Bexxar $161.3 Novartis (NVS) Xolair $134.0 Roche (SWX:ROCZ) Activase; Avastin; Herceptin; Nutropin/ Protropin...
BioCentury | Jun 21, 2004
Politics, Policy & Law

Breaking ranks

...developing a follow-on biologics policy only through an inclusive public process." DNA, which markets Protropin somatrem...
BioCentury | Apr 19, 2004
Company News

Genentech biopharmaceuticals news market a generic human growth hormone was "in process" in the U.S. DNA markets Protropin...
BioCentury | Apr 16, 2004
Top Story

DNA wants biogeneric block market a generic human growth hormone was "in process" in the U.S. DNA markets Protropin...
BioCentury | Nov 8, 1999
Tools & Techniques

Approved protein & antibody therapeutics

...Activase alteplase tPA Acute myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism and stroke 1987 Herceptin trastuzumab Nutropin hGH Protropin...
BioCentury | Jul 12, 1999
Company News

Genentech, University of California Regents metabolic news

...a jury deadlocked in June (see BioCentury Extra, June 3). The university alleged that GNE's Protropin...
BioCentury | May 24, 1999

Jury's out on Genentech's U.S. Patent No. 4,363,877 covering the hGH gene in the manufacturing of GNE's Protropin somatrem...
...Judge Charles Legge. GNE used an expression plasmid, pHGH407, to express hGH for manufacturing of Protropin...
...evidence, which included testimony from a former GNE scientist that the clone used to produce Protropin...
BioCentury | Dec 8, 1997
Company News

Genentech metabolic news

...died in European trials that Pharmacia & Upjohn was conducting for acute catabolic indications. GNE's Protropin...
BioCentury | Oct 13, 1997
Company News

Genentech, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Serono Laboratories Inc. metabolic news

...injunction against the company resulting from patent litigation brought by GNE. GNE markets Nutropin and Protropin...
BioCentury | Sep 29, 1997
Company News

University of Paris other research news restoring genetic growth potential. hGH products being marketed or developed include Genentech Inc. 's Protropin...
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