BioCentury | Mar 27, 2019
Product Development

GW’s next act

As Epidiolex’s launch continues to ramp up, GW Pharmaceuticals’ next act will be to take the plunge with its cannabinoid platform into larger, more complex neurobehavioral indications, and even cancer. Not surprisingly, the rise of...
BioCentury | May 26, 2017

Europe’s bellwether challenge

A healthy biotech ecosystem comprises a continuum from big pharma and bellwether biotechs at the top to private newcos at the bottom, with a mixture of liquidity events -- predominantly M&A -- to reward investors....
BC Week In Review | Mar 24, 2017
Clinical News

AP-CBD/THC: Ph I started

Intec began a 3-way crossover, Israeli Phase I trial to evaluate 2 formulations of AP-CBD/THC compared to sublingual cannabis extract spray Sativex nabiximols in 21 healthy volunteers. Intec Pharma Ltd. (Tel Aviv:NTEC; NASDAQ:NTEC), Jerusalem, Israel ...
BC Week In Review | Feb 10, 2017
Clinical News

THC:CBD: Ph II data

Top-line data from 21 patients with recurrent GBM in the double-blind second part of a European Phase II trial showed that THC:CBD plus temozolomide led to a 1-year OS rate, a secondary endpoint, of 83%...
BC Extra | Feb 7, 2017
Clinical News

GW reports survival data in Phase II GBM study

GW Pharmaceuticals plc (NASDAQ:GWPH) said data from a Phase II trial showed that THC:CBD (GW42002:GW42003) significantly improved one-year overall survival vs. placebo as an add-on therapy to treat glioblastoma multiforme. Among the study's 21 patients,...
BioCentury | May 16, 2016

Global ambitions

European biotechs not only missed out on the extended bull market that allowed U.S. biotechs to fill their coffers, but also on what could have been an arbitrage opportunity for U.S. investors who found domestic...
BC Week In Review | Nov 9, 2015
Clinical News

THC:CBD: Phase I started

MMJ PhytoTech Ltd. (ASX:MMJ), Nedlands, Australia   Product: THC:CBD   Business: Autoimmune   Molecular target: Cannabinoid receptors   Description: Oral pro-nanolipospheres containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD)   Indication: Treat pain and spasticity in multiple...
BioCentury | Jul 13, 2015

Big news

The performance of big cap biotechs has lagged that of companies one tier down, but the second half includes a host of milestones that could put the bellwethers on a steeper upward trajectory. Buysiders largely...
BC Week In Review | Jan 12, 2015
Clinical News

Sativex nabiximols: Phase III data

Top-line data from a double-blind, international Phase III trial in 399 patients with advanced cancer who experienced inadequate analgesia during optimized chronic opioid therapy showed that 3-10 daily sprays of Sativex over 5 weeks as...
BC Extra | Jan 9, 2015
Clinical News

GW's epilepsy timetable eclipses Sativex cancer miss

Investors ignored a Phase III trial miss for Sativex in cancer pain on Thursday, pushing up shares of GW Pharmaceuticals plc (NASDAQ:GWPH; LSE:GWP) by 13% on NASDAQ after the company said it expects to begin...
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