BioCentury | Dec 1, 2016
Product R&D

De-stressing about NASH

...for rare genetic diseases of mitochondrial origin. Last month, NeuroVive announced that its preclinical compound NV556... protect the liver from oxidative damage and fibrosis. NeuroVive regained rights to NV556, formerly NVP018...
...agent for hepatitis B (HBV). Table: BioCentury Product Profile BioCentury Product Profile INNOVATION STAGE Product NV556...
BioCentury | Oct 31, 2016
Company News

NeuroVive, Arbutus Biopharma deal

...and Arbutus terminated a 2014 deal that granted OnCore Biopharma Inc. exclusive, worldwide rights to NVP018...
BioCentury | Oct 21, 2016
Company News

Arbutus returns cyclophilin inhibitor to NeuroVive

...NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (SSE:NVP; Pink:NEVPF) regained rights to NVP018 from Arbutus Biopharma Corp. (NASDAQ:ABUS) as the...
...terminated a 2014 deal to develop the compound for HBV. The exclusive, worldwide rights to NVP018...
BioCentury | Jan 19, 2015

Valuing OnCore

...testing this quarter. Behind this, OnCore brings seven additional HBV molecules. The most advanced is OCB-030...
BioCentury | Jan 19, 2015
Company News

OnCore Biopharma, Tekmira deal

...HBV viral genome, which is expected to begin Phase I testing this quarter; and OnCore’s OCB-030...
BioCentury | Jan 13, 2015
Company News

HBV play OnCore to merge with Tekmira

...goal of developing an oral cure for HBV. It expects to begin human trials of OCB-030...
BioCentury | Nov 25, 2014
Financial News

OnCore moving fast toward IPO

...secretion inhibitor and a capsid assembly inhibitor. In September, OnCore licensed the sangamide-based cyclophilin inhibitor NVP018...
BioCentury | Oct 2, 2014
Company News

OnCore adds to HBV pipeline with Enantigen

...was acquired by Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD). Last month, OnCore licensed the sangamide-based cyclophilin inhibitor NVP018...
BioCentury | Sep 15, 2014

OnCore performance

...SSE:NVP) to develop and commercialize sangamides. According to OnCore, preclinical data indicate the lead sangamide, NVP018...
...may directly obstruct viral replication in liver cells and enhance the host immune response. NVP018...
BioCentury | Sep 15, 2014
Company News

NeuroVive, OnCore Biopharma deal

...up to $150 million, plus royalties. OnCore plans to start clinical testing of lead candidate, NVP018...
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