BC Extra | May 19, 2011
Company News

Evotec, Roche discontinue EVT 101

Evotec AG (Xetra:EVT) and partner Roche (SIX:ROG; OTCQX:RHHBY) discontinued development of EVT 101 after encountering difficulties in recruiting patients for a Phase II trial for treatment-resistant depression. The partners added that the need to "sharpen"...
BC Week In Review | Nov 1, 2010
Company News

Evotec, Jingxin Pharma deal

Evotec granted Zhejiang Jingxin exclusive rights to develop and market EVT 201 in China. Jingxin Pharma plans to begin clinical trials in China in 2011. The GABA A receptor agonist is currently in Phase II...
BioCentury | Jun 8, 2009

Managing Austerity

In its first review of European biotech finance in 1999, BioCentury noted that the industry faced the potential dilemma of having too many clinical programs and not enough capital to finance their development. The first...
BioCentury | Apr 6, 2009

Restructuring watch

Restructuring watch Date Company Staff cuts Cash Years cash pre-cut Cash date 12-mo op loss ended 12/31/08 1/9/09 Array BioPharma Inc. (NASDAQ:ARRY) 10% to ~350 $82.6 0.77 12/31/08 $53.9 (6-mo op loss ended 12/31/08) Seeking...
BC Week In Review | Mar 30, 2009
Company News

Evotec neurology news

Evotec will restructure and reduce headcount by about 50 (12%) to 370 to reduce cash burn, with the majority of reductions in SG&A. The company also will discontinue early discovery projects and will no longer...
BioCentury | Mar 30, 2009

Ebb & Flow

With Genentech 's takeout now complete, industry watchers will be looking for when the biotech's executives will head for the exits. Based on the structure of the bonus payouts in the employee retention plan, a...
BC Extra | Mar 28, 2009
Company News

Evotec restructures

Evotec (Xetra:EVT; NASDAQ:EVTC) will restructure and reduce headcount by about 50 (12%) to 370 to reduce cash burn, with the majority of reductions in SG&A. The company will focus on EVT 302 , a reversible monoamine...
BioCentury | Mar 23, 2009

Opt-in with upside

Deal-makers have been known to look askance when a biotech company provides a pharma company with opt-in rights to an in-licensed compound. According to the skeptics, the biotech adds value to the compound while the...
BC Week In Review | Oct 22, 2007
Clinical News

EVT 201: Phase II data

In a double-blind, U.S. Phase II trial in 149 elderly primary insomnia patients with daytime sleepiness, both doses of EVT 201 (1.5 and 2.5 mg) met the primary endpoint of a significant improvement in total...
BioCentury | Oct 22, 2007

Ebb & Flow

Nektar (NKTR) was as surprised as anyone when Pfizer (PFE) announced last week that it would end further investment in Exubera inhaled insulin and return full worldwide rights to NKTR. The biotech, which developed and...
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