BC Week In Review | Apr 14, 2017
Company News

2-BBB Medicines, TTY Biopharm deal

The companies formed a joint venture in Taiwan to develop and commercialize 2-BBB’s multiple sclerosis candidate 2B3-201 . 2-BBB will grant the JV exclusive rights to 2B3-201 and will receive a 33.3% stake in the JV;...
BC Week In Review | Sep 29, 2014
Clinical News

2B3-201: Phase I data

A double-blind, crossover, Dutch Phase I trial in 18 healthy male volunteers showed that single ascending doses of up to 450 mg 2B3-201 were well tolerated with no serious adverse events reported. Subjects received an...
BC Week In Review | Dec 23, 2013
Clinical News

2B3-201: Phase I started

to-BBB began a double-blind, crossover, Dutch Phase I trial to evaluate single ascending-doses of 2B3-201 in about 18 healthy volunteers. Subjects will each receive an infusion of 2B3-201, placebo and methylprednisolone in 1-week intervals. to-BBB...
BioCentury | Jan 21, 2013
Product Development

Solving the ALS maze

Three companies with Phase II data for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis believe they have identified at least two ways to improve the odds of clinical success, even though the disease has poorly understood biology, heterogeneous presentation...
BC Week In Review | Jul 23, 2012
Clinical News

to-BBB preclinical data

to-BBB plans to start a Phase I trial of the glutathione pegylated liposomal methylprednisolone next year. The Dutch government agency Agentschap NL granted to-BBB a €500,000 ($611,351) Innovation Credit for preclinical development of 2B3-201, with...
BC Week In Review | Apr 23, 2012
Company News

to-BBB, Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson's Research neurology news

to-BBB received a grant from the foundation to conduct preclinical testing of 2B3-201 to treat Parkinson's disease (PD). The liposomal formulation of methylprednisolone is in preclinical testing for the indication. Details were not disclosed. to-BBB...
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