BC Week In Review | Sep 5, 2016
Clinical News

Engineered Skin Substitute: Compassionate use program data

A compassionate use program in 16 pediatric patients with life-threatening, full-thickness, severe burns covering >50% total body surface area showed that PermaDerm prepared from split-thickness skin biopsies led to a mortality rate of 6.25% vs....
BC Week In Review | Oct 12, 2015
Clinical News

Eltoprazine: Phase IIb halted

Amarantus halted enrollment in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, 4-way crossover, international Phase IIb trial of oral eltoprazine in about 60 patients due to an “internal prioritization.” The company expects to restart enrollment next year. Amarantus has...
BC Week In Review | Dec 15, 2014
Company News

Regenicin, Amarantus BioScience deal

Amarantus purchased IP related to Regenicin’s PermaDerm for $3.5 million in cash plus 37.5 million shares of Amarantus common stock valued at $3 million. The IP includes rights and claims under litigation with Lonza Group...
BC Week In Review | Jun 18, 2012
Clinical News

PermaDerm regulatory update

FDA granted Orphan Drug designation for PermaDerm to treat catastrophic burns. Regenicin has exclusive, worldwide rights to the tissue-engineered skin substitute technology from Lonza. The U.S. Department of Defense awarded a unit of Lonza more...
BC Week In Review | Dec 13, 2010
Company News

Lonza Group AG, U.S. Department of Defense deal

The DoD awarded a unit of Lonza more than $18 million to develop and commercialize PermaDerm to treat severe burns among U.S. troops and civilians. The funding will support the start of clinical trials, to...
BC Week In Review | Aug 23, 2010
Company News

Lonza Group AG, Regenicin deal

Regenicin received exclusive, worldwide marketing rights to Lonza's tissue-engineered skin substitute technology. Regenicin plans to submit by year end an application to FDA for a Humanitarian Device Exemption for the technology as PermaDerm to treat...
BC Week In Review | Feb 13, 2006
Company News

Cutanogen Corp., Cambrex deal

CBM acquired Cutanogen for $1.5 million in cash. Cutanogen shareholders also are eligible for up to $4.8 million in milestones. Cutanogen's lead product, PermaDerm cultured skin, received Humanitarian Use Designation from FDA to treat third...
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