BC Week In Review | Nov 5, 2012
Clinical News

Endocet oxycodone/acetaminophen regulatory update

Novartis disclosed in its 3Q12 earnings that the restart of commercial production at the pharma's Lincoln, Neb., manufacturing facility is taking longer than originally anticipated. Novartis said it is unlikely that it will resume shipments...
BC Week In Review | Jan 16, 2012
Clinical News

Endocet oxycodone/acetaminophen regulatory update

Novartis also issued a voluntary U.S. recall of OTC products manufactured at the facility, including Excedrin and NoDoz products that expire before Dec. 20, 2014, as well as Bufferin and Gas-X Prevention products that expire...
BC Week In Review | Jul 4, 2011
Company News

Endo sales and marketing update

Endo voluntarily recalled two lots, 402415NV and 402426NV, of 10/325 mg Endocet oxycodone/acetaminophen tablets in the U.S. after one bottle from each lot was found to contain some Endocet 10/650 mg tablets. No injuries were...
BC Week In Review | Aug 31, 2009
Clinical News

MoxDuo IR: Phase II/III data

QRxPharma Ltd. (ASX:QRX), Brisbane, Australia   Product: MoxDuo IR ( Q8003IR )   Business: Neurology   Molecular target: NA   Description: Immediate-release combination of oxycodone and morphine   Indication: Treat moderate to severe post-operative pain in patients...
BC Week In Review | Feb 23, 2009
Clinical News

MoxDuoIR: Phase II/III started

QRxPharma began an open-label, U.S. Phase II/III trial to compare oral MoxDuoIR vs. morphine and Percocet oxycodone/acetaminophen in 45 patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery. QRxPharma Ltd. (ASX:QRX), Brisbane, Australia   Product: MoxDuoIR ( Q8003IR )  ...
BioCentury | Jul 19, 2004

Vernalis cures its Frova migraine

Vernalis plc was cash strapped after buying back North American marketing rights for its Frova frovatriptan migraine drug from Elan Corp. plc in May. But a new deal selling those rights to Endo Pharmaceutical Holdings...
BC Week In Review | Sep 3, 2002
Company News

Endo, Bristol-Myers, Novartis deal

ENDP extended until August 2003 its 1997 manufacturing deal with BMY. Under a May 2001 deal, NVS is to manufacture the majority of ENDP's products, and ENDP said the BMY extension will give it time...
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