BC Week In Review | Feb 2, 2018
Clinical News

Effector reports Phase I/II data for eFT508 in hematological malignancies

Effector Therapeutics Inc. (San Diego, Calif.) reported data from 10 evaluable patients with hematological malignancies in a Phase I/II trial showing that eFT508 led to one partial response in a patient with non-germinal center B...
BioCentury | Dec 9, 2017
Product Development

Multimodal meeting

This year’s clinical abstracts at the American Society of Hematology meeting hint at how newer treatment modalities -- cell therapies in cancer and gene therapies in hematology -- will branch out into new indications and...
BC Week In Review | Nov 3, 2017
Clinical News

Effector begins Phase II trial of eFT508 plus Bavencio

Effector Therapeutics Inc. (San Diego, Calif.) began a Phase II trial of eFT508 with or without PD-L1 inhibitor Bavencio avelumab (MSB0010718C, PF-06834635) to treat microsatellite stable colorectal cancer (CRC). Part one of the open-label, U.S....
BC Innovations | Aug 9, 2017
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Pain Mouse studies suggest inhibiting the MKNK1 - MKNK2 - eIF4E axis could help treat pain. In a mouse model of inflammatory pain, knock-in of an elF4E variant that cannot be phosphorylated by MKNK1 or MKNK2...
BioCentury | Jul 29, 2017

Potentiator potential

Preclinical data showing how eFT508 could fit into checkpoint inhibitor cocktails helped Effector Therapeutics Inc. snag Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) as both a development partner and an investor. On July 24, Effector closed a $19.3 million...
BC Extra | Jul 24, 2017
Financial News

Effector raises $38.6M in series C

Cancer company Effector Therapeutics Inc. (San Diego, Calif.) raised $38.6 million in a series C round led by new investor Pfizer Venture Investments. Also participating were new investor Alexandria Venture Investments and existing investors U.S....
BC Week In Review | Jul 7, 2017
Company News

Effector combining EFT508 and Bavencio

Effector Therapeutics Inc. (San Diego, Calif.) will conduct an open-label, Phase II trial evaluating EFT508 with or without PD-L1 inhibitor Bavencio avelumab from Merck KGaA (Xetra:MRK) and Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) in patients with microsatellite stable...
BioCentury | Aug 15, 2016
Emerging Company Profile

Restraining translation

Bantam Pharmaceutical LLC is developing small molecule eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E inhibitors that selectively inhibit translation of several tumor-promoting genes and disrupt cancer cell metabolism. It hopes to show the mechanism of its lead...
BC Extra | Feb 20, 2016
Financial News

Effector expands series B round

Effector Therapeutics Inc. (San Diego, Calif.) raised an additional $16 million in series B funding, bringing the round's total to $56 million. The new funds came from new investor Sectoral Asset Management, as well as...
BC Week In Review | Feb 1, 2016
Clinical News

eFT508: Phase I/II started

Effector began an open-label, dose-escalation, dose-expansion, U.S. Phase I/II trial to evaluate oral eFT508 once daily in 21-day cycles in about 120 patients. The company expects data from the dose-escalation portion this summer. Effector Therapeutics...
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