BC Week In Review | Jan 5, 2018
Company News

Oncimmune to grant Genostics rights to EarlyCDT diagnostic platform

Oncimmune Holdings plc (LSE:ONC) will grant the Genostics Co. Ltd. subsidiary of Gene Group Holdings Ltd. (Hong Kong, China) exclusive rights to develop and commercialize products related to Oncimmune’s EarlyCDT-diagnostic platform in China. Genostics will...
BC Week In Review | Jan 27, 2014
Company News

Innovative Diagnostic Laboratory LLP sales and marketing update

Innovative Diagnostic launched the ColonSentry blood test in the U.S. to assess a patient's risk for colorectal cancer. The company launched the blood-based test for seven mRNA biomarkers of colorectal cancer on a limited basis...
BC Week In Review | Oct 28, 2013
Company News

Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Oncimmune deal

Health Diagnostic acquired "substantially all" of the assets of Oncimmune's Oncimmune USA LLC subsidiary. As part of the deal, all 25 employees of the subsidiary will join Health Diagnostic. Oncimmune also granted Health Diagnostic exclusive,...
BC Week In Review | Nov 19, 2012
Company News

Enzo sales and marketing update

Enzo's Enzo Clinical Labs reference laboratory launched EarlyCDT-Lung in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and the New York metropolitan area to assist in risk assessment and early detection of lung cancer. Enzo has rights from Oncimmune...
BC Week In Review | Apr 2, 2012
Clinical News

EarlyCDT-Lung update

By year end, Oncimmune will begin a prospective screening trial to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of EarlyCDT-Lung test in detecting early lung cancer in about 10,000 high-risk smokers (defined as having smoked the equivalent of 20...
BC Week In Review | Aug 9, 2010
Clinical News

EarlyCDT-Lung diagnostic data

An international validation study in 3 cohorts of patients in the U.S. and Russia; Germany; and the U.S., U.K. and Ukraine, respectively, with newly diagnosed lung cancer (n=145, 241 and 269) showed that Oncimmune's EarlyCDT-Lung...
BC Extra | Aug 5, 2010
Clinical News

Oncimmune reports lung cancer test data

Oncimmune Ltd. (Nottingham, U.K.) said its EarlyCDT-Lung test had sensitivities of 36%, 39% and 37%, respectively, and specificities of 91%, 89% and 90% in three cohorts of patients with newly diagnosed lung cancer in a...
BC Week In Review | Jun 7, 2010
Clinical News

EarlyCDT-Lung regulatory update

Oncimmune received Medicare reimbursement approval for its EarlyCDT-Lung test to identify early lung cancer in blood samples. The test was launched last year and is priced at $475. Oncimmune licensed non-exclusive rights to the annexin...
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