BC Week In Review | Jan 12, 2017
Clinical News

Oral DS107: Ph IIb ADvance started

DS BioPharma began the double-blind, placebo-controlled, U.S. Phase IIb ADvance trial to evaluate 1 and 2 g oral DS107 once daily for 8 weeks in about 300 patients. DS Biopharma , Dublin, Ireland  Product: DS107G , oral...
BC Week In Review | Sep 5, 2016
Company News

DS Biopharma deal

DS Biopharma spun out Afimmune, which will focus on fibrotic and pulmonary diseases. The newco will develop DS Biopharma’s DS102 and other undisclosed preclinical compounds. DS102, a bioactive lipid produced by the non-enzymatic oxidation of...
BC Week In Review | Jan 18, 2016
Clinical News

Oral DS107: Phase IIa data

Top-line data from a double-blind, North American Phase IIa trial in 102 patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis showed that once-daily 2 g oral DS107 missed the primary endpoint of improving IGA score by...
BC Week In Review | Aug 11, 2014
Clinical News

DS107G: Phase I data

A double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase I trial in healthy subjects showed that single and multiple ascending doses of DS107G over 28 days met the primary safety endpoint. Dignity said the data support advancing DS107G into a...
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