BioCentury | Apr 6, 2020
Politics, Policy & Law

N.J. biotech group calls for donations of drugs, equipment to fight COVID-19

...vasopressors and sedatives and analgesics for use in mechanical ventilation. Specific drugs needed include cisatracurium, propofol...
BioCentury | Jun 27, 2016
Company News

Teva, Sagent Pharmaceuticals deal

...Teva will sell five U.S. ANDAs, including anesthetic drug Propofol Injectable Emulsion 1%, to Sagent for...
BioCentury | Jun 20, 2016
Company News

AstraZeneca, Aspen deal

...anesthetics portfolio outside the U.S. The portfolio consists of seven drugs, including general anesthetic Diprivan propofol...
BioCentury | Apr 25, 2016
Politics, Policy & Law

SCOTUS to the rescue?

...[no. of IPR filings] Ampyra dalfampridine from Acorda [4] Ampyra dalfampridine from Acorda [2] Diprivan propofol...
BioCentury | Oct 5, 2015
Company News

BioQuiddity, Lee’s Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. deal

...BioQuiddity granted Lee’s Pharmaceutical rights to commercialize ropivacaine and propofol infusion products in Taiwan and China...
BioCentury | Mar 23, 2015

Show me the value

...which Medicines Co. acquired in February. The study is comparing ABP-700 to placebo or propofol...
...volunteers who received ABP-700, and did not depend on duration of infusion. Recovery times for propofol...
BioCentury | Sep 16, 2013
Emerging Company Profile

Tansna: Quieting convulsions

...its potent sedative properties preclude everyday use. Tansna Therapeutics Inc. is developing non-sedating analogs of propofol...
...actually looking for a sedative with faster recovery. But his MB003, a para-substituted analog of propofol...
...known and are likely to be numerous and complex. For example, the biological basis for propofol's...
BioCentury | Mar 18, 2013
Emerging Company Profile

gIcare: Colonoscopy comfort

...25% of that cost is related to sedation," said glcare President and CEO Maxime Ranger. Propofol...
BioCentury | Jul 23, 2012
Clinical News

Pelorus 1500 regulatory update

...for its Pelorus 1500 point-of-care in vitro diagnostic to measure concentration of the IV anesthetic propofol...
BioCentury | Jun 18, 2012
Clinical News

Dexdor dexmedetomidine regulatory update

...said the selective adrenergic receptor alpha 2 ( ADRA2 ) agonist was as effective as propofol...
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