BioCentury | Jul 6, 1999
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A Medicare pipeline

A Medicare pipeline Complete name Product name Indication Status Algos (ALGO) HydrocoDex oral tablet Moderate to severe pain III Algos (ALGO) MorphiDex oral tablet Moderate to severe pain NDA Amylin (AMLN) Amylin Type I and...
BioCentury | Sep 15, 1997
Clinical News

Androgel-DHT: UMED began Phase III testing

...Unimed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (UMED), Buffalo Grove, Ill. Product: Androgel-DHT gel formulation of dihydrotestosterone Indication: Boost low testosterone...
BioCentury | Jul 8, 1996
Clinical News

Androgel dihydrotestosterone data

A single patient with AIDS has improved following application of a gel containing DHT, a testosterone derivative. The report is the first data from an ongoing Phase II trial. The patient had been eating poorly...
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