BC Extra | May 13, 2019
Financial News

Philogen bypasses VCs, taps Italian syndicate for €62M to fuel late stage cancer programs

With €62 million ($69.6 million) in series A cash to carry its two late-stage candidates through clinical development, Philogen will soon have to decide whether to rely on additional deals to find commercialization partners, or...
BioCentury | Mar 2, 2018
Product Development

Clever pegylation pay off

Nektar Therapeutics’ clever pegylation strategy allowed it to finesse the PK and dial down the toxicity of IL-2, turning a validated but problematic immuno-oncology mechanism into a viable candidate. The approach snagged a record-breaking deal...
BioCentury | Feb 10, 2017
Emerging Company Profile

Improving the original immunotherapy

Recombinant IL-2 was one of the first immunotherapies marketed for cancer but is not widely used due to severe off-target toxicities. Cue Biopharma Inc. is developing preclinical programs that deliver IL-2 only to T cells...
BC Innovations | Dec 20, 2016
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Melanoma Cell culture and mouse studies suggest IL-2 complexed with an anti-IL-2 antibody could help treat metastatic melanoma. In cell-based assays, the antibody blocked CD25 binding to IL-2 and prevented expansion of CD25-positive Tregs,...
BC Innovations | Oct 27, 2016
Targets & Mechanisms

Cancer’s Phoenix

  Although recombinant IL-2 was a cancer immunotherapy long before checkpoint inhibitors came on the scene, the cytokine’s impact was limited by its potential for lethal side effects. Most attempts to lower toxicity also decreased...
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