BC Week In Review | Nov 30, 2017
Clinical News

Berg reports Phase II data for ubidecarenone in metastatic pancreatic cancer

In September, Berg LLC (Framingham, Mass.) reported data from 5 evaluable patients with advanced pancreatic cancer in a Phase II trial showing that second-line treatment with IV ubidecarenone (Coenzyme Q10; BPM 31510) alone or in...
BC Week In Review | Feb 16, 2017
Clinical News

IV ubidecarenone: Ph I/II started

Berg began an open-label, U.S. Phase I/II trial to evaluate IV ubidecarenone given over 72 hours twice weekly in 28-day cycles in about 10 patients with GBM that has recurred on an Avastin bevacizumab-containing regimen....
BC Week In Review | May 9, 2016
Clinical News

IV ubidecarenone: Phase II started

Berg began an open-label, U.S. Phase II trial to evaluate IV BPM 31510 at a starting dose of 110 mg/kg given over 144 hours every week plus gemcitabine in up to 25 patients. The first...
BC Week In Review | May 11, 2015
Company News

Berg, Beth Israel Deaconess, Cancer Research and Biostatistics deal

The partners will identify and develop biomarkers for pancreatic cancer under a five-year deal. Beth Israel and Cancer Research and Biostatistics will design clinical trials and provide patient samples and treatment results to Berg for...
BC Week In Review | Dec 16, 2013
Clinical News

Intravenous 31510: Phase I started

Berg LLC , Boston, Mass.   Product: Intravenous 31510 ( BPM 31510 )   Business: Cancer   Molecular target: NA   Description: Formulation of ubidecarenone, an endogenous small molecule resident in mitochondria   Indication: Treat solid tumors  ...
BC Week In Review | Jul 2, 2012
Clinical News

Berg preclinical data

In a mouse model of pancreatic cancer, BPM 31510 plus gemcitabine significantly increased overall survival (OS) vs. BPM 31510 or gemcitabine alone (p=0.002 and p=7.3x10-8, respectively). The combination also significantly reduced tumor size and weight...
BC Week In Review | Jun 10, 1996
Clinical News

Receptagen preclinical data

RCEPF and collaborators presented histologic evidence that Coenzyme Q10, an inhibitor of free radicals, protects cells from death after experimentally induced stroke in animals. CoQ10 was given to the animals at various time points and...
BC Week In Review | Apr 8, 1996
Company News

Receptagen cancer news

RCEPF reached an undisclosed agreement with the former shareholders of Ryan Pharmaceuticals regarding the share exchange agreement involved in RCEPF's acquisition of Ryan in 1993. The companies were disputing the method for measuring sales of...
BC Week In Review | Oct 30, 1995
Company News

Receptagen supply/service, cancer news

The Vancouver company sued the former shareholders of Ryan Pharmaceuticals Inc. in an effort to clarify the interpretation of a clause in the share exchange agreement entered when RCEPF acquired Ryan in 1993. As part...
BC Week In Review | Oct 9, 1995
Company News

Receptagen deal

RCG (Edmonds, Wash.) signed a letter of intent with an undisclosed Japanese drug manufacturer to develop drugs to inhibit apoptosis. RCG is developing an injectable, water-soluble analog of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a natural molecule that...
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