BC Innovations | Nov 12, 2015
Distillery Techniques

Techniques: Transgenic ionotropic glutamate receptor kainate 4 (GRIK4)-expressing mouse model of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Disease modelsTransgenic mice expressing rat GRIK4 could be used to screen for therapies to treat ASD. Mice engineered to express rat GRIK4 in the forebrain exhibited multiple behavioral features of ASD, including anhedonia, anxiety, depression...
BC Week In Review | May 11, 2015
Clinical News

Revive Therapeutics preclinical data

In a mouse model of Rett syndrome, REV-003 improved motor coordination and gait features as well as enhanced breathing. REV-003 is a tricyclic compound with a dibenzothiazepine structure. Revive is repurposing tianeptine, a generic approved...
BC Week In Review | Feb 24, 2014
Clinical News

Tianeptine: Interim Phase IIa data

Interim data from the first cohort of 8 healthy volunteers receiving infusions of alfentanil in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover, Dutch Phase IIa trial showed that 37.5 mg REV-001 was safe and well tolerated. There were...
BC Week In Review | Jan 20, 2014
Clinical News

Tianeptine: Phase IIa started

Revive began a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover, Dutch Phase IIa trial to evaluate oral REV-001 in 16 healthy volunteers receiving infusions of alfentanil. The first dose cohort of 8 patients will receive 37.5 mg REV-001. The...
BC Week In Review | Jan 13, 2014
Company News

Revive Therapeutics deal

Revive Therapeutics Inc. reverse-merged with shell company Mercury Capital II Ltd. to form Revive Therapeutics Ltd., which began trading under the symbol "RVV" on the TSX Venture. The newco issued 16.6 million shares to Revive...
BioCentury | Oct 15, 2012

At home with Servier

Rather than follow in the footsteps of other foundation-backed mid-size European pharmas that have largely concentrated on a single therapeutic area and looked to new markets for growth, Servier has determined its path to sustainability...
BioCentury | Apr 18, 2005

Reprofiler report card

Reprofiling companies' raison d'être is to get drugs to market faster and cheaper than conventional R&D companies by developing marketed or failed compounds for new applications. Most reprofiled compounds already have been shown to be...
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