BC Week In Review | Mar 7, 2017
Company News

Neurovance, Otsuka deal

Otsuka will acquire Neurovance for $100 million up front and up to $150 million in development and sales milestones. Milestones can be triggered by clinical trial results, development of a once-daily formulation of Neurovance’s centanafadine...
BC Extra | Mar 3, 2017
Company News

Otsuka acquiring ADHD company Neurovance

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) will acquire ADHD play Neurovance Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) for $100 million up front and up to $150 million in milestones. The deal gives Otsuka rights to centanafadine (CFR; EB-1020...
BC Week In Review | Aug 1, 2016
Clinical News

Centanafadine SR: Phase IIb data

A double-blind, crossover, U.S. Phase IIb trial in 85 adults with ADHD showed that twice-daily 400 mg oral centanafadine SR met the primary endpoint of improving ADHD-RS-IV total score from baseline to week 3 vs....
BC Week In Review | Jan 18, 2016
Clinical News

Centanafadine SR: Phase IIb started

Neurovance began a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover, U.S. Phase IIb trial to evaluate oral centanafadine SR starting at 100 mg twice daily titrated up to 400 mg twice daily in about 60 adults with ADHD. Neurovance...
BioCentury | Feb 2, 2015
Emerging Company Profile

Three's company

Stimulants are the most effective drugs for ADHD, but the very things that make them effective - blocking norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake - can also lead to addiction and cause anxiety. Neurovance Inc .'s lead candidate for...
BC Week In Review | Jan 5, 2015
Clinical News

Centanafadine: Clinical trial data

Top-line data from a 5-arm, crossover, placebo- and active-controlled human abuse liability study in recreational stimulant users showed that single doses of 400 and 800 mg centanafadine immediate release (IR) led to an acute onset...
BC Week In Review | Feb 10, 2014
Clinical News

EB-1020 SR: Interim Phase IIa data

Interim data from the single-blind, U.S. Phase IIa EB-1020-ADHD-201 trial in 40 adult male ADHD patients showed that 150-250 mg doses of twice-daily EB-1020 SR significantly improved ADHD-RS-IV score by 22.4 points at week 4...
BC Week In Review | Sep 30, 2013
Clinical News

EB-1020 SR: Phase IIa started

Neurovance began the single-blind, U.S. Phase IIa EB-1020-ADHD-201 trial to evaluate 300-500 mg EB-1020 SR daily for 4 weeks in about 40 adult male ADHD patients. Neurovance Inc. , Cambridge, Mass.   Product: EB-1020 SR  ...
BC Week In Review | Mar 4, 2013
Clinical News

EB-1020: Phase I started

Neurovance began a crossover, Australian Phase I trial to compare multiple ascending-doses of oral sustained-release EB-1020 vs. immediate-release EB-1020 in about 58 healthy volunteers. Subjects will also receive single doses of sustained-release EB-1020 in fed...
BC Week In Review | Oct 22, 2012
Clinical News

EB-1020: Phase I data

A Phase I trial in about 50 healthy volunteers showed that single and multiple ascending-doses of EB-1020 were well tolerated. Neurovance plans to start Phase IIa testing of EB-1020 in mid-2013 with data expected in...
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