BioCentury | Apr 1, 2019
Clinical News

Apexigen's CD40 agonist shows response in pancreatic cancer

...produced an ORR of 18%, including 1 confirmed CR and 8 PRs. APX005M is a CD40 agonist...
BioCentury | Dec 21, 2018
Product R&D

Cell therapies seek solid ground

To make cell therapies work in solid tumors, drug companies will have to either master combination therapies or figure out how to make their treatments trigger broad immune responses that extend beyond the antigen specificity...
BioCentury | Jan 31, 2018
Distillery Therapeutics


...CSF1R inhibitors could help treat colorectal cancer. In two mouse models of colon cancer, an anti-CD40 agonist...
BioCentury | Aug 24, 2017
Product R&D

MedImmune's neo stimulus package

...Co. (NYSE:BMY) Opdivo nivolumab Anti-PD-1 mAb Phase Ib ongoing Dec. 15, 2015 Apexigen Inc. APX005M CD40 agonist...
...Co. and Apexigen Inc. to combine NEO-PV-01 with the anti-PD-1 mAb Opdivo nivolumab and the CD40 agonist...
BioCentury | Jul 14, 2016
Product R&D

Apogenix's hex on TNF

...HERA CD40 agonists have a higher capacity to stimulate T cells than monocytes treated with CD40 agonist...
BioCentury | Oct 26, 2015

Collaborating on combos

...started combination studies with atezolizumab. The pharma also has a combination of atezolizumab with a CD40 agonist...
BioCentury | Jun 4, 2015
Distillery Therapeutics

Therapeutics: Immunoglobulin G (IgG)

...CD40 agonist decreased tumor growth and metastasis compared with allogeneic IgG alone or TNFα plus the CD40 agonist...
BioCentury | Aug 12, 2013

Abiding no more

..."couple million dollars of revenues," Yang said. Apexigen has selected cancer compound APX005 , a CD40 agonist...
BioCentury | Aug 7, 2013
Financial News

Apexigen raises $20 million in A round

...Amkey's George Lee joined Apexigen's board. The company's lead internal program, APX005 , is a CD40 agonist...
BioCentury | Nov 16, 2009
Company News

PanGenetics, Abbott deal Phase I testing to treat psoriatic arthritis, and preclinical antibodies, including PG120 , a CD40 agonist...
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