BC Innovations | May 21, 2009
Targets & Mechanisms

Circle of protection against HIV

New in vitro research suggests that HIV infection can be prevented by inducing the endogenous production of θ-defensins, a class of cyclic antimicrobial peptides whose expression is thought to be blocked in the vast majority...
BC Week In Review | Feb 16, 2009
Clinical News

BufferGel: Phase II/IIb data

ReProtect Inc. , Baltimore, Md.   Product: BufferGel   Business: Infectious   Molecular target: NA   Description: Microbicidal spermicide   Indication: Prevent infection of women by HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)   Endpoint: Safety...
BC Week In Review | Feb 16, 2009
Clinical News

PRO 2000: Phase II/IIb data

Indevus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:IDEV), Lexington, Mass.   Product: PRO 2000   Business: Infectious   Molecular target: HIV gp120   Description: Synthetic topical vaginal microbicide derived from naphthalene sulfate   Indication: Prevent infection of women by...
BC Extra | Feb 10, 2009
Clinical News

Anti-HIV gels miss endpoint

PRO 2000 gel from Indevus (NASDAQ:IDEV) and BufferGel from ReProtect (Baltimore, Md.) both missed the primary endpoint in the Phase II/IIb HPTN 035 trial to prevent infection of women by HIV. Indevus did say that...
BC Innovations | Apr 17, 2008
Cover Story

Mining HCV to Sabotage HIV

HIV microbicides have been in development for at least a decade, but none has shown complete blocking of vaginal virus transmission. A major challenge has been identifying microbicidal agents whose actions are broad enough to...
BC Innovations | Feb 14, 2008
Cover Story

New roadblock to HIV infection

The goal of developing an effective vaginal microbicide against HIV infection has eluded researchers ever since the first potential compound assessed, nonoxynol-9, proved to actually increase infection rates. In the Proceedings of the National Academy...
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