BC Innovations | Oct 11, 2018
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) Mouse studies suggest combining LGR5, LRP6 or PORCN inhibitors with Erivedge vismodegib could help treat BCC. In two mouse models of BCC, diphtheria toxin-mediated depletion of LGR5 decreased tumor burden...
BC Innovations | May 11, 2017
Tools & Techniques

Stemming the tide

OncoMed’s bad April has all the hallmarks of a death knell for the once-promising technology of cancer stem cells, adding to the pile of preclinical breakthroughs that didn’t translate to the clinic. But many insiders...
BC Innovations | Apr 18, 2017
Distillery Techniques

Disease models

TECHNOLOGY: Animal models Mouse models with intestinal organoids containing LGR5 -positive CSCs could be used to probe the cells’ role and identify new therapeutic targets in metastatic colorectal cancer. The organoids were generated by culturing...
BC Innovations | Dec 3, 2015
Distillery Therapeutics

Therapeutics: Leucine-rich repeat-containing G protein-coupled receptor 5 (LGR5; GPR49)

Cancer INDICATION: Colorectal cancer Mouse studies suggest anti- LGR5 antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) could help treat colorectal cancer. The ADCs consisted of an antibody against the cancer stem cell marker LGR5 conjugated to the antimitotic agent...
BC Extra | Mar 5, 2013
Financial News

Bionomics proposes A$16.4 million rights offer

Bionomics Ltd. (ASX:BNO; OTCBB:BMICY) said it plans to raise up to A$16.4 million ($16.6 million) through the sale of up to 45.6 million shares at A$0.36 in a rights offering. Existing shareholders are eligible to...
BC Week In Review | Feb 25, 2013
Clinical News

Bionomics preclinical data

In a mouse xenograft model of colorectal cancer, BNC101 significantly inhibited growth of re-implanted tumor cells following primary treatment vs. irinotecan-treated controls (p<0.001). Bionomics also said that BNC101 increased survival and inhibited weight loss vs....
BioCentury | Mar 19, 2012

Incentivized success

Boston Biomedical Inc. 's story shows what can happen when researchers are given the imperative and the resources to invent as if their livelihoods depend on it. The company emerged from ArQule Inc. in 2006...
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