BC Innovations | May 9, 2017
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Neuropathy In vitro and mouse studies suggest the Hsp72 inducer BGP-15 could help treat familial dysautonomia, a fatal disorder often caused by a point mutation in the IKBKAP gene. In primary IKBKAP-knockout mouse neurons,...
BC Innovations | Aug 25, 2016
Distillery Therapeutics

Therapeutics: Heat shock 70 kDa protein 1A (Hsp72; HspA1)

Musculoskeletal disease INDICATION: Musculoskeletal Rat studies suggest the Hsp72-inducer BGP-15 could help treat ventilation-induced diaphragm dysfunction (VIDD). In a mechanically ventilated rat model of VIDD, BGP-15 increased the specific force of diaphragm muscle fibers and...
BC Innovations | Jan 8, 2015
Distillery Therapeutics

Therapeutics: Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) receptor (IGF1R; CD221)

Cardiovascular disease INDICATION: Heart failure; fibrillation Mouse studies suggest a hydroximic acid derivative called BGP-15 could help treat heart failure and atrial fibrillation. In a transgenic mouse model of heart failure with atrial fibrillation, orally...
BC Innovations | May 3, 2012
Targets & Mechanisms

Heat shock hits muscular dystrophy

Australian academics have used N-Gene Research Laboratories Inc. 's BGP-15 , a small molecule inducer of heat shock 70 kDa protein 1A in Phase IIb testing for diabetes, to increase muscle strength and survival in two...
BC Week In Review | Apr 30, 2012
Clinical News

N-Gene preclinical data

In mouse models of DMD, once-daily 15 mg/kg oral BGP-15 significantly reduced whole body muscle breakdown as measured by creatine kinase levels vs. untreated controls (p<0.01). Additionally, BGP-15 for 12 weeks significantly reduced damaged myofibers,...
BC Week In Review | Jun 19, 2006
Clinical News

BGP-15: Phase II data

Data from a double-blind, placebo-controlled, Hungarian Phase II study in 42 patients showed that both 200 mg and 400 mg doses of BGP-15 significantly improved insulin sensitivity, the primary endpoint (p>0.01, for both). No change...
BC Extra | Jun 13, 2006
Clinical News

N-Gene reports BGP-15 Phase II results

N-Gene (New York, N.Y.) said BGP-15 significantly improved insulin sensitivity, the primary endpoint, in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, Hungarian Phase II study in 42 patients (p>0.01). No change was seen in the secondary endpoint of insulin...
BC Week In Review | Jun 2, 2003
Company News

Allos cancer news

ALTH restructured in order to focus on a planned third quarter rolling NDA submission for its RSR13 radiosensitizer to treat brain metastases from breast cancer. The company reduced its headcount to 61 from 92 and...
BioCentury | Jun 2, 2003

Restructuring watch

Restructuring watch Date Company Staff cuts Notes Current cash Cash reporting date Operating loss Op loss period 5/29/03 Allos (ALTH) 34% to61 Suspended development of BGP-15, a chemoprotectant in preclinical development. Expects to reduce its...
BC Extra | May 29, 2003
Company News

Allos up on RSR13 NDA plans

ALTH was up $1.42 (61%) to $3.73 on 6.7 million shares on Thursday on news that it plans to begin submitting a rolling NDA for its RSR13 efaproxiral radiation sensitizer for brain metastases from breast...
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