BioCentury | May 26, 2016
Distillery Therapeutics

Therapeutics: Metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 5 (mGluR5; GRM5)

Neurology INDICATION: Alzheimer's disease (AD) Mouse studies suggest mGluR5 antagonists could help treat AD. In two mouse models of AD, an analog of the mGluR5 antagonist basimglurant decreased cortical and hippocampal levels of β-amyloid plaques...
BioCentury | Oct 6, 2014

3Q14 Stock Wrap-Up: Going big again

For the second quarter in a row, only the large caps finished in the black in 3Q14. In the over $5 billion segment, which was up 9%, gainers outnumbered decliners 22-9, while the decliners led...
BioCentury | Sep 15, 2014
Clinical News

Basimglurant: Development discontinued

Roche discontinued development of RG7090 to treat Fragile X syndrome after the compound missed the primary and secondary endpoints in the double-blind, placebo-controlled, international Phase II Fragxis trial. Specifically, RG7090 missed the primary endpoint of...
BioCentury | Sep 12, 2014
Company News

Roche drops Phase II Fragile X program

Roche (SIX:ROG; OTCQX:RHHBY) said it will discontinue development of RG7090 to treat Fragile X syndrome, for which the negative modulator of metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 5 (mGluR5; GRM5 ) was in Phase II testing. In a...
BioCentury | Nov 11, 2013

New York translation

Now headquartered at the newly opened Translational Clinical Research Center in New York, Roche 's Pharma Research & Early Development organization has undergone another retooling intended to increase its efficiency and productivity. The center will...
BioCentury | Oct 24, 2013

Synaptic synopsis

The early promise that neurotransmitter research would unlock the door for neurological diseases has devolved into sagging interest from several pharmas following repeated failures in clinical trials. Now, genetic findings are pointing to new targets...
BioCentury | Feb 14, 2013
Targets & Mechanisms

Statins for fragile X

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have mouse data showing that the cholesterol drug lovastatin can correct fragile X syndrome. 1 The findings add to a growing list of unconventional strategies for treating this...
BioCentury | Oct 8, 2012
Product Development

Contrarian thinking

While many pharma companies are exiting or externalizing neurology R&D, a few have decided to double down, seeing the glimmer of a new understanding of CNS diseases where others see biological black boxes leading to...
BioCentury | Jun 25, 2012

Fragile X connection

Last week's deal between Seaside Therapeutics Inc. and Roche has a slew of moving parts, with a different driver for each party. The key for the biotech was granting Roche an option to its lead...
BioCentury | Jun 25, 2012
Company News

Seaside Therapeutics, Roche deal

Roche and Seaside partnered to develop disease modifying treatments for fragile X syndrome and autism spectrum disorders. Seaside will grant Roche an exclusive license to IP covering metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 5 (mGluR5; GRM5 ) antagonism....
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