BC Week In Review | May 16, 2016
Clinical News

Exendin: Phase II started

Eiger began a blinded Phase II trial to evaluate 4 ascending doses of subcutaneous exendin (9-39) over 3 days in 16 patients with hypoglycemia after gastric bariatric surgery. Eiger has exclusive rights from the university...
BC Week In Review | Nov 23, 2015
Company News

Stanford University, Eiger deal

Stanford University granted Eiger exclusive rights to Exendin (9-39) to treat post-bariatric surgical hypoglycemia. The competitive antagonist of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor ( GLP-1R ; GLP1R ) has completed Phase II trials for the indication. The partners did...
BC Extra | Nov 20, 2015
Company News

Eiger reverse-merges with Celladon

Eiger Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (San Carlos, Calif.) will acquire Celladon Corp. (NASDAQ:CLDN) through a reverse merger. Eiger President and CEO David Cory will lead the combined company, which will be named Eiger and will trade on...
BC Week In Review | Aug 13, 2012
Clinical News

Exendin-: Pilot trial data

Researchers at the hospital reported data from an open-label, crossover pilot trial in 9 patients aged 15-47 with congenital hyperinsulinism showing that exendin-(9-39) given as a 6-hour infusion after a 12-hour overnight fast significantly increased...
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