BioCentury | Nov 14, 2020
Product Development

ASH 2020 snapshot: efficacy data in hot emerging areas

...ORR of 71% for the highest dose of AUTO3, its...
BioCentury | Nov 12, 2020
Product Development

Lining up allogeneic CAR Ts at ASH: Data Byte

...ORR of  71% for the highest dose of AUTO3...
BioCentury | Sep 19, 2020
Product Development

Sept. 18 ESMO roundup: data from Incyte, Autolus, Merck, Alkermes and Daiichi

...dataAutolus Therapeutics plc (NASDAQ:AUTL) reported additional data from the Phase I/II ALEXANDER trial that showed AUTO3...
...Phase II portion of the trial, the ORR was 71% with a CR of 64%. AUTO3...
BioCentury | Aug 20, 2020

Pandemic could give advantage to newly approved MS latecomer ofatumumab

With FDA’s approval of Kesimpta ofatumumab for multiple sclerosis, Novartis could become the latest company to reap the added benefits of launching a drug with a convenient route of administration during the pandemic.  FDA approved...
BioCentury | May 8, 2020
Politics, Policy & Law

Partnership offers hope for COVID drug development

As the world eyes a return to post-COVID crisis “normalcy,” a robust global recovery will depend on effective treatments and ultimately a vaccine. Yes, more than 400 research and clinical programs are already under way,...
BioCentury | Mar 12, 2020
Product Development

Targeted degradation gets another bump with Kymera’s $102M raise

It’s a big year for targeted protein degraders, and Kymera is adding to the momentum with a $102 million series C round that should bring its first three programs into the clinic. Biotechnology Value Fund...
BioCentury | Jan 14, 2020
Emerging Company Profile

Kyverna applies Tregs, CAR Ts to autoimmune diseases with $25M series A, Gilead deal

The team behind Cell Design Labs and its acquirers at Gilead are looking to capitalize on their T cell engineering platform again, bringing it into new indications with the launch of Kyverna. The company is...
BioCentury | Nov 18, 2019
Politics & Policy

Warren vows quick executive action to seize pharmaceutical IP

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) intends to spend three years building support in Congress for a Medicare for All plan, but if elected president will take immediate executive action to reduce drug prices, she said in...
BioCentury | Oct 25, 2019
Product Development

Deciding factors in the shifting MS treatment landscape

The efficacy and convenience advantages that established oral medicines as the go-to therapy in multiple sclerosis are the same factors now squeezing them out. Two years post-launch, the success of injectable Ocrevus ocrelizumab from Roche...
BioCentury | Oct 17, 2019
Preclinical News

Oct. 17 Preclinical Quick Takes: Miromatrix, Mayo extend vascular function in liver graft scaffold; plus James Allison-MD Anderson, Northwestern and Eleusis

Extending vascular function in bioengineered liver graft scaffold Miromatrix Inc. and Mayo Clinic researchers developed a way to vascularize bioengineered liver scaffolds that could maintain blood flow for more than a few days. Described in...
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