BioCentury | Sep 15, 2015
Financial News

Acacia plans L150M IPO

Acacia Pharma Ltd. (Cambridge, U.K.) plans to raise L150 million ($232 million) in an IPO on the London Stock Exchange in October, according to a person familiar with the company. JPMorgan Cazenove and Canaccord are...
BioCentury | May 18, 2015
Clinical News

APD403: Phase II data

A double-blind, Danish Phase II trial in 342 cancer patients receiving highly emetogenic chemotherapy (HEC) showed that APD403 met the primary endpoint of improving the complete response rate, defined as no vomiting or retching and...
BioCentury | Oct 8, 2014
Clinical News

Acacia seeks options after hitting in PONV Phase III

Acacia Pharma Ltd. (Cambridge, U.K.) said its lead product APD421 reduced the incidence of post-operative nausea and vomiting in two Phase III trials of adult surgical patients at moderate to high risk for PONV. Acacia,...
BioCentury | Nov 4, 2013
Clinical News

APD403: Phase II started

Acacia began a double-blind, placebo-controlled, international Phase II trial to evaluate 3 doses of APD403 in about 315 cancer patients receiving highly emetogenic chemotherapy. Acacia Pharma Ltd. , Cambridge, U.K. Product: APD403 Business: Gastrointestinal Molecular target:...
BioCentury | Oct 8, 2012
Clinical News

APD403: Phase IIa data

Top-line data from a Danish and U.K. Phase IIa trial in 51 cancer patients receiving chemotherapy showed that APD403 plus ondandetron produced a complete response, defined as no vomiting and no anti-emetic rescue medication, in...
BioCentury | Jun 18, 2012
Product Development

Acacia's upside bonus

Acacia Pharma Ltd. was searching for a safer version of droperidol , which is efficacious in preventing postoperative nausea and vomiting but not often used due to safety issues. Now Phase II data show APD421 actually...
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