BioCentury | Jan 14, 2013
Company News

Pepscan Therapeutics deal

Pepscan will discover antibodies against multiple targets with an undisclosed U.S.-based antibody discovery company. Pepscan will use its Chemical Linkage of Peptides onto Scaffolds (CLIPS) platform and other protein mimicry technologies. CLIPS technology presents one...
BioCentury | Sep 17, 2012
Product Development

Excited about cycling

New synthesis and screening technologies and the allure of access to previously undruggable targets are driving an explosion of new company formation and deal-making around macrocycles and constrained peptides. While it remains to be seen...
BioCentury | Feb 13, 2012
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Pepscan Therapeutics, J&J deal

Pepscan received two undisclosed milestone payments from Johnson & Johnson's Janssen R&D Ireland (formerly Tibotec Pharmaceuticals Ltd.) subsidiary under a 2010 deal to use Pepscan's Chemical Linkage of Peptides onto Scaffolds (CLIPS) technology to develop...
BioCentury | May 16, 2011
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Pepscan Therapeutics, Phylogica deal

Pepscan will use its Chemical Linkage of Peptides onto Scaffolds (CLIPS) technology to optimize therapeutics from Phylogica against CD40 ligand ( CD40LG ; CD40L; CD154 ) to treat rheumatoid arthritis (RA), autoimmune disease and inflammatory indications. CLIPS...
BioCentury | Apr 21, 2011

A conversation with Gregory Verdine

What will drugs look like in the coming decade? This is the question being posed by Gregory Verdine and the next-generation therapeutic modalities team he leads at Third Rock Ventures . One answer, Verdine believes, is...
BioCentury | Apr 11, 2011
Company News

Pepscan Therapeutics management update

Pepscan Therapeutics B.V. , Lelystad, the Netherlands Business: Cancer, Chemistry Hired: Michiel Lodder as CBO, formerly senior manager of business development at OctoPlus N.V. WIR Staff cancer...
BioCentury | Mar 28, 2011
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Pepscan Holding, Zealand Pharma inflammation, gastrointestinal news

Zealand and Pepscan's Pepscan Therapeutics B.V. subsidiary will collaborate over the next two years to identify a lead dual acting peptide candidate to enter preclinical development for chronic inflammation and gastrointestinal diseases. The companies will...
BioCentury | Mar 14, 2011
Company News

Crucell, Pepscan Therapeutics deal

Crucell will use Pepscan's Chemical Linkage of Peptides onto Scaffolds (CLIPS) technology to develop vaccines to treat undisclosed infectious diseases. CLIPS technology presents one or more linear peptides in a structurally constrained configuration to increase...
BioCentury | Jan 17, 2011
Product Development

Enabling patient PRPs

After securing exclusive rights to an in vivo , patient-based screening platform for cancer-specific peptide-receptor pairs, Mercator Therapeutics Inc. needed a source of optimized peptides and antibodies. A pair of deals this month gives the biotech...
BioCentury | Jan 10, 2011
Company News

Mercator Therapeutics, Pepscan Therapeutics deal

Pepscan will use its Chemical LInkage of Peptides onto Scaffolds (CLIPS) technology to optimize homing peptide-drug conjugates from Mercator. Mercator said the peptides bind to receptors that are highly expressed on tumors and induce internalization...
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