BioCentury | Jun 4, 2020
Management Tracks

Giroir stepping down as COVID-19 testing czar; plus Gilead, Sanofi Ventures, Varian, Sirtex and Oxford BioMedica

Brett Giroir, who was appointed in March to coordinate the U.S.’s COVID-19 testing efforts, will be “demobilized” from his post mid-June and return to his previous position as assistant secretary for health and head of...
BioCentury | Jun 4, 2020

NodThera parlays interest in inflammasome into Novo Ventures-led $55M series B

Novo Ventures has led a $55 million series B round for NodThera, a trans-Atlantic biotech operating in an area ripe for takeouts -- the inflammasome. The biotech's lead program targets NLRP3, a target explored by...
BioCentury | Jun 3, 2020
Product Development

Adding up manufacturing capacity for COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccine makers have collectively projected manufacturing capacity for more than 8 billion doses next year, a number that would be big enough to cover the entire global population if all of the vaccines were...
BioCentury | Jun 3, 2020
Politics, Policy & Law

Biopharma community joins call for solidarity, denounces systemic racism

The biopharma industry stood up to be counted, with top pharmas, biotechs and VCs issuing public statements of solidarity as protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death continued Tuesday. The CEOs and other leaders...
BioCentury | Jun 2, 2020
Product Development

Sanofi makes case for why its first cancer drug in a decade can take on Darzalex

Carving a space in the crowded multiple myeloma market for recently approved Sarclisa is one of the four pillars of Sanofi’s strategy for re-entering oncology, and the company believes new data strengthen the case for...
BioCentury | Jun 1, 2020

Intellia deal expands Regeneron’s reach into CRISPR therapies

Fresh off Sanofi’s sell-off, Regeneron announced an expanded collaboration with gene editing company Intellia that gives the big biotech access to the coveted CRISPR gene editing technology for additional targets and indications, including hemophilia. The...
BioCentury | May 30, 2020
Tools & Techniques

Denali offers rare peek into the science behind its CNS delivery platform

Denali is lifting the veil on the delivery technology it’s using to transport large molecules into the CNS, detailing a differentiated strategy for hijacking the transferrin receptor. The company revealed features of its large molecule...
BioCentury | May 29, 2020
Management Tracks

Leaving Sanofi, Loew to guide Ipsen’s path forward for troubled musculoskeletal program

Incoming CEO David Loew will arrive as Ipsen tries to recover from setbacks that have hobbled development of palovarotene, one of its two candidates to treat rare disease FOP and the key to its billion-dollar...
BioCentury | May 28, 2020
Product Development

Pharma leaders warn vaccine manufacturing doesn’t turn on a dime

Don’t expect global manufacturing capacity to rapidly fill in for the first few COVID-19 vaccines to market, according to Paul Stoffels. The J&J vice chairman and CSO said it could take over a year for...
BioCentury | May 28, 2020
Emerging Company Profile

Atlas-built Q32 debuts with $46M, tissue-targeted complement platform, BMS mAb

Atlas-incubated Q32 emerged from stealth Wednesday with a complement platform aimed at modulating the innate immune system and a lead antibody program in-licensed from BMS targeting the adaptive immune system. Formed in 2018, Q32 Bio...
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