BioCentury | May 10, 2010

Picking through the remains

Althea Technologies Inc. acquired the remains of its now defunct manufacturing client Altus Pharmaceuticals Inc. for an undisclosed amount last week, and hopes to create value with the formulation assets while off-loading the early product...
BioCentury | Jun 21, 2004

The Altus pipeline

The Altus pipeline Product Description Indication Status Partner TheraCLEC Oral crystals containing pancreatic lipase, protease and amylase Pancreatic insufficiency Ph II Dr. Falk Pharma (EU) ALTU-140 (A) Oral pancreatic protease Abdominal pain due to chronic...
BioCentury | Jun 21, 2004

Altus: Scene III

Altus Pharmaceuticals Inc. began life in 1993 as Altus Biologics Inc., a service-based subsidiary of Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. Eleven years and two venture rounds of $50 million and $51 million later, the company has left...
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