BC Week In Review | Jul 7, 2008
Company News

Sinclair, Wockhardt sales and marketing update

Sinclair granted Wockhardt exclusive Indian rights to market Atopiclair , a non-steroidal cream for atopic dermatitis; Aloclair , an oral rinse to treat mouth ulcers; Papulex nicotinamide 4% to treat acne; and Decapinol , an oral rinse to...
BC Week In Review | Jun 6, 2005
Company News

Sinclair sales and marketing update

SPH launched its Decapinol oral rinse in Italy to treat and prevent gingivitis. Separately, SPH signed marketing deals for its Aloclair oral rinse for mouth ulcers with two companies. Pharmbio Korea received exclusive rights in...
BC Week In Review | May 2, 2005
Company News

Sinclair, Forest Laboratories, Kalbe Pharma, Rafa Laboratories Ltd. sales and marketing update

Sinclair granted Rafa Israeli distribution rights to its Atopiclair non-steroidal cream for atopic dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. Kalbe's Dankos Laboratories unit received distribution rights to the compound in Indonesia. Also, FRX's Forest Laboratories U.K....
BC Week In Review | Feb 21, 2005
Company News

Sinclair, Sunstar Group sales and marketing update

Sunstar's Sunstar Suisse SA subsidiary added eight European countries to its distribution deal for Sinclair's Aloclair Rinse and Aloclair Gel to treat mouth ulcers, bringing the total to 20 countries. Sunstar also received a license...
BC Week In Review | Jul 12, 2004
Clinical News

Aloclair regulatory update

Sinclair received 510(k) approval for Aloclair gel for the pain relief of mouth ulcers and other minor oral lesions. Aloclair liquid is approved in the U.S. and Europe. Sinclair Pharma plc (LSE:SPH), Godalming, U.K.  ...
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