BioCentury | Aug 29, 2019
Preclinical News

Aug. 29 Preclinical Quick Takes: New targets for leukemia from Calico and stroke from Gero; predictors of checkpoint inhibitor response and more

Calico finds new target for sensitizing leukemia to NK cells Calico Life Sciences LLC (South San Francisco, Calif.) showed in an eLife paper that blocking DCAF15, an adaptor for E3 ubiquitin ligase substrates, could boost...
BioCentury | Nov 30, 2018
Targets & Mechanisms

Revving up metabolism at ASH 2018

Cancer metabolism is a prominent theme at this year’s ASH meeting, with researchers broadening the tent from metabolic targets that drive hematologic malignancies to those that intersect with other hot topics, notably immuno-oncology and epigenetics....
BioCentury | Jun 2, 2017
Product Development

Ears wide open

...over off-label steroids. At least two in this category, SENS-401 from Sensorion S.A. (Euronext:ALSEN) and AF243...
BioCentury | Aug 4, 2016
Targets & Mechanisms

Cereblon ambition

Most anti-cancer strategies aim to block overactive proteins by directly inhibiting their activity, but a growing number of companies are developing ways to tag the proteins for destruction by recruiting the enzymes that shuttle them...
BioCentury | Aug 13, 2015
Tools & Techniques

Helping Beethoven hear

...Phase I Otologic Pharmaceutics Inc. NHPN-1010 Undisclosed Undisclosed Noise-induced hearing loss Phase I Affichem S.A. AF243...
BioCentury | Apr 22, 2013

The audiophiles

...loss Ph II Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) PF-04958242 Undisclosed Age-related hearing loss Ph I Affichem S.A. AF243...
BioCentury | Apr 1, 2010
Targets & Mechanisms

Unlocking thalidomide

Thalidomide has been used in humans since the 1950s, but the molecular mechanisms responsible for its known therapeutic and teratogenic effects are not well characterized. Researchers in Japan have now provided insight into the latter...
BioCentury | Mar 25, 2002
Company News

DyoDelta Biosciences Ltd., University of Patras deal

...DyoDelta received an exclusive license to the university’s DDB-202 myelin basic protein (MBP) epitope analog to...
BioCentury | May 15, 1995
Company News

Pharma Mar S.A. deal

...The Pasteur Institute (Paris) agreed to evaluate Pharma Mar's Dehydrodidemnin B (DDB) to modulate the immune...
...vitro studies will evaluate the drug's effect on modulation of peripheral lymphocytes, and will study DDB's...
...apoptosis as a therapeutic strategy to maintain higher levels of immune cells to fight HIV. DDB...
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