BC Week In Review | Apr 13, 2015
Company News

Alere Inc, Qiagen deal

Qiagen purchased circulating tumor cell (CTC) detection technology and two diagnostics -- AdnaTest BreastCancer and AdnaTest Prostate Cancer -- from Alere’s AdnaGen GmbH subsidiary. AdnaTest BreastCancer is a breast cancer diagnostic that uses RT-PCR to...
BC Week In Review | Nov 22, 2010
Company News

OncoVista deal

OncoVista will receive up to $65 million in cash and milestones as part of Alere Holdings Bermuda Ltd.'s acquisition of OncoVista's majority-held AdnaGen AG subsidiary. OncoVista has a 78% stake in the subsidiary. Alere will...
BC Week In Review | Feb 1, 2010
Company News

OncoVista, TATAA Molecular Diagnostics deal

OncoVista's AdnaGen AG subsidiary granted TATAA exclusive rights to use its AdnaTest BreastCancer assay in the COHERTA project. The diagnostic uses RT-PCR to detect biomarkers in circulating tumor cells (CTC). The COHERTA study will evaluate...
BC Week In Review | Nov 16, 2009
Clinical News

AdnaTest BreastCancer: Post-marketing study data

Researchers at University Hospital Essen and University Hospital of Tuebingen reported that AdnaTest BreastCancer detected an EMT marker and ALDH1 in 62% and 69%, respectively, of 69 blood samples that were positive for CTCs from...
BC Week In Review | Aug 3, 2009
Clinical News

AdnaTest BreastCancer update

This month, researchers will begin a laboratory study in samples from patients who have completed neoadjuvant and local therapy to compare AdnaTest BreastCancer diagnostic vs. CellSearch Circulating Tumor Cell Kit from Veridex LLC, a subsidiary...
BC Week In Review | Jun 23, 2008
Company News

AdnaGen, OncoVista deal

OncoVista increased its stake in AdnaGen to over 95% from 85% for an undisclosed amount. OncoVista said the acquisition will allow it to realize revenues from sales and to control the use of AdnaGen’s AdnaTest...
BC Week In Review | Dec 24, 2007
Company News

AdnaGen, OncoVista Inc. deal

AVUG increased its stake in AdnaGen to 85% from 51% for an undisclosed amount. AVUG acquired a majority stake in the company last year (see BioCentury, Feb. 27, 2006). AdnaGen markets the AdnaTest BreastCancer and...
BC Week In Review | Feb 27, 2006
Company News

AdnaGen, OncoVista Inc. deal

Cancer company OncoVista acquired a majority stake in AdnaGen for an undisclosed sum. AdnaGen markets the AdnaTest BreastCancer and AdnaTest ColonCancer blood tests, which measure circulating tumor cells. AdnaGen AG , Langenhagen, Germany   OncoVista Inc....
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