BioCentury | May 20, 2020
Product Development

BARDA takes steps to secure supply chain as more companies look to scale up manufacturing

HHS is taking steps to shore up the U.S.’s national supply chain and manufacturing capabilities after global disruptions in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis. The agency’s BARDA has closed a four-year, $354 million...
BioCentury | May 15, 2020
Product Development

Repurposed autoimmune therapies head for controlled COVID-19 studies in Europe

Abivax and Immunic are launching COVID-19 trials of their autoimmune therapies in France and Germany, respectively, meeting regulators’ demands for large, controlled studies to demonstrate therapeutic efficacy. In the U.S., the patent office is fast-tracking...
BioCentury | Dec 19, 2019

Truffle’s recipe for company creation

Paris-based Truffle Capital has closed its €250 million ($277.9 million) BioMedTech fund to create new drug and medtech companies and nurture them through at least Phase II testing. The fund will channel around 30% of...
BioCentury | Sep 27, 2018
Translation in Brief

Twice as splice

Abivax S.A. (Euronext:ABVX) has positioned its anti-HIV therapy ABX464 to take on inflammatory diseases after discovering the small molecule triggers RNA splicing that both halts HIV viral replication and boosts anti-inflammatory responses in HIV and...
BioCentury | Sep 7, 2018
Clinical News

Abivax's ABX464 improves mucosal healing, Mayo Score in Phase IIa for UC

Abivax S.A. (Euronext:ABVX) said ABX464 improved mucosal healing rate (50% vs. 11%, p=0.03) and reduced partial (62% vs. 32%, p<0.02) and total Mayo Scores (53% vs. 37%, p<0.03) at eight weeks vs. placebo in 29...
BioCentury | Oct 6, 2017
Clinical News

Abivax's ABX464 reduces HIV DNA in CD4+ T cells in Phase IIa

Abivax S.A. (Euronext:ABVX) reported top-line data from 9 HIV-infected patients in the first cohort of the open-label, Spanish Phase IIa ABX464-005 trial showed that once-daily 150 mg oral ABX464 for 28 days plus antiretroviral therapy...
BioCentury | May 12, 2017
Product Development

Stepwise to a cure

Phase IIa data for ABX464 from Abivax S.A.S. are a step in the right direction toward a functional cure, but the company will need to show the therapy can achieve much greater reductions in HIV...
BioCentury | May 5, 2017
Clinical News

ABX464 reduces HIV reservoirs in Ph IIa trial

Abivax S.A.S. (Euronext:ABVX) said ABX464 for 28 days reduced HIV reservoirs as measured by total HIV DNA detected in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in the Phase IIa ABX464-004 trial to treat HIV infection. Specifically,...
BioCentury | May 2, 2017
Clinical News

Abivax doubles on HIV reservoir readout

Abivax S.A.S. (Euronext:ABVX) rose €10.50 (114%) to €19.70 after it said results of a Phase IIa study showed ABX464 reduced HIV reservoirs in chronically infected HIV patients.The small molecule inhibits viral replication by preventing rev-mediated...
BioCentury | Jun 6, 2016
Clinical News

ABX464: Phase IIa started

Abivax began the double-blind, placebo-controlled, European Phase IIa ABX464-004 trial to evaluate 50 mg oral ABX464 once daily for 28 days with Prezista darunavir plus ritonavir or with Prezista plus Tybost cobicistat in 28 patients...
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