BioCentury | Jun 26, 2020
Emerging Company Profile

Artiva launches with $78M to develop Korean biotech’s NK cell programs outside Asia

A U.S. investor syndicate and management team have set up Artiva, bringing to San Diego allogeneic natural killer cell technology from South Korean company GC LabCell -- including one program due to enter the clinic...
BioCentury | Jul 13, 2015
Clinical News

AntriaBio preclinical data

...37.5 mg/kg AB101 in rats and a single subcutaneous dose of 10 or 37.5 mg/kg AB101...
...IND for the slow-release microsphere-encapsulated pegylated basal insulin. AntriaBio Inc. (OTCQB:ANTB), Menlo Park, Calif. Product: AB101...
BioCentury | Jan 14, 2013
Company News

AntriaBio, PR Pharma deal

...the basis of AntriaBio's drug development portfolio, include "significant" technology, formulation, manufacturing and IP. AntriaBio's AB101...
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