BC Week In Review | Jun 3, 2013
Company News

Alethia, International Biotech Center (IBC) Generium deal

Alethia and IBC Generium partnered to co-develop Alethia's AB-16B5 , an IgG2 mAb against clusterin (CLU; APOJ ) in preclinical testing for cancer. Alethia will receive an upfront cash payment and R&D funding to conduct a Canadian...
BC Week In Review | Dec 14, 2009
Clinical News

Alethia preclinical data

In a mouse model of metastatic cancer, AB-16B5 plus Taxotere docetaxel increased tumor growth inhibition by 40-60% vs. chemotherapy alone. In a mouse model of breast carcinoma, AB-16B5 reduced metastasis to the lungs by 70%...
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