BC Week In Review | Apr 19, 2019
Clinical News

Tracon discontinues CD105 mAb carotuximab

Tracon discontinued development of carotuximab (TRC105) following an interim futility analysis of the Phase III TAPPAS trial to treat advanced or metastatic angiosarcoma. Tracon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:TCON) said an analysis of more than 120 patients...
BioCentury | Dec 7, 2018
Emerging Company Profile

ADCendo: entering tumors via MRC2

ADCendo ApS is developing an antibody-drug conjugate against mannose receptor C type 2 (MRC2; UPARAP) that could treat cancers at lower doses and with less toxicity than other ADCs, due to the target’s enriched cancer...
BC Extra | Oct 10, 2018
Politics & Policy

China adds insurance coverage for 17 cancer therapies

China's National Medical Insurance Administration added 17 cancer drugs to the National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) for coverage by the country's medical insurance program. The prices will go into effect by the end of October...
BC Extra | Aug 17, 2018
Politics & Policy

China unveils cancer drugs for medical insurance access negotiation

China's State Medical Insurance Administration announced 18 cancer drugs that will be included in 2018 medical insurance access negotiations. Companies with drugs on the list will now enter into negotiations to include the drugs on...
BioCentury | Jun 2, 2018
Product Development

Breaking from the herd

Behind the block of clinical studies on PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitors, researchers are casting aside their herd mentality with a wide net of strategies to solve some of the most pressing problems in oncology, such...
BC Innovations | Jan 23, 2018
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Solid tumors Cell culture and mouse studies suggest combining Votrient pazopanib and a potassium channel inhibitor could help treat rhabdoid tumors. High throughput screening of a library of approved drugs in six human rhabdoid...
BioCentury | Jun 16, 2017
Product Development

Everywhere IDO

Incyte Corp. and partner Merck & Co. Inc. now have reported the data that led them to plan Phase III trials that combine their molecules in five cancer indications. For Incyte, the next step is...
BC Week In Review | Jun 16, 2017
Clinical News

CytRx's aldoxorubicin misses OS endpoint in Phase III to treat STS

CytRx Corp. (NASDAQ:CYTR) reported additional data from a Phase III trial in 433 patients with metastatic, locally advanced or unresectable soft tissue sarcoma (STS) showing that 350 mg/m 2 IV aldoxorubicin on day 1 of...
BC Week In Review | Feb 24, 2017
Clinical News

IV TRC105: Ph III started

Tracon began the international Phase III TAPPAS trial to evaluate weekly IV TRC105 plus once-daily oral Votrient pazopanib vs. Votrient alone in 124 patients. The company has an SPA for the trial from FDA. Tracon...
BC Week In Review | Jan 6, 2017
Clinical News

Aldoxorubicin: Additional Ph III data

Additional data from an open-label, international Phase III trial in 433 patients with metastatic, locally advanced or unresectable STS showed that 350 mg/m 2 IV aldoxorubicin on day 1 of each 21-day cycle met the...
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